Monday, June 16, 2014

Spell it with Moda

Warning! This post contains MANY photos! 

A few months back I noticed that there was a Spell it with Moda quilt-along, and after I saw the third letter I was ready to jump in with both feet. My Instagram feed provided loads of inspiration. I didn't start until after all of the letters were released, but I had been thinking about my stash of 30's reproductions and knew that's what I'd be using.  I chose the old-fashioned Baptist fan quilting pattern in keeping with the era of the fabrics. 

My finished quilt is 71" wide x 100" inches long. I made the blocks in order and had so much fun. After I chose the fabrics for my letter A, I kind of became a little obsessed with going through my stash and challenging myself to come up with something to fit each letter. I also decided to make way more filler blocks than what the pattern called for. It should fit a twin bed with plenty of room to hang down the sides. 

 I can just picture talking about this quilt with my future grandchildren, Lord willing I get some. ;-) I'm looking forward to a day when I might have little ones spending the night with me, baking cookies by day, and being tucked under a quilt at night.

What's to talk about?

A is for Anchor's Aweigh, B is for blue and blossoms and boat!

C is for cherries, circles, and churn dash. D is for daisies and dogs.

E is for Eggplant, and economy block. F is Fluorescent.

F is also for flying geese. G is for goose and Granny square.

H is for Hourglass and happy children.

I is for Irish Chain.

J is for Japanese. K is for Kitties.

L is for Little Bo Peep, Queen Anne's Lace, and Log Cabin.

M is for Maraschino cherries and Maple leaf.

N is for nursery rhymes and Northern Lights.

O is for Ohio Star.

P is for Pinwheel, purple, pansies, plaid, and polka dots.

And... here's where it starts to fall apart. I got tired. Q? well, the whole thing is a quilt!

R is difficult to see, but it's retro.

S is for strawberries and schoolhouse.

T is for Turquoise. U is for umbrella.

V is a variation of a star. Lame, I know.

Wait! I perked back up for W. Waterwheel and windmills.

X. This block gave me such a hard time. The black fabric was wonky, and I tore it apart three times before finally getting it right. And then what??? The quilting on it looks horrible. I was so disappointed when I saw this. It was the very first thing my eyes went to. Well, I guess X marks the spot. And not in a good way.

Y. I've got nothing but a bunch of hexagons. By this point I was ready to be done.

Y & Z. Zinnias maybe?

As tired as I was of thinking abut the letters, I was excited over this adorable mini- elephant binding. I finished hand-stitching it just last night.

This is one of my favorite quilts yet.

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sherry. said...

so. very. beautiful.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

That is a gift to your future grandchildren! What a work of art and love that is!


Rebecca said...

So much thought put into it! (And so much for fun to look through- finding the 'letter' meaning within the fabric.

It's a beauty!

Did you quilt it yourself or do you still send work off to that online lady?

Amazing job!

(I need to make a quilt!)

Thanks a lot, Tracy! ;-)

Idaho Mama said...

Ooooohhhh Myyyyy, oh my! It is soooo very lovely! You did a fantastic job and your choice in fabrics was just perfect for this project. Great job!

Margo said...

ohhhh, WOW. That's so beautiful! And I love the layers of meaning and the extra pictures in the blocks.

I've been wanting to quilt Baptist fans! Did you mark them? It looks like machine quilting (right?) - is it hard?

Anonymous said...

I found your blog via IG. I've marked it to come back to read more. Instantly I can see so much in common! I love your quilt and I saved all the patterns for someday. I already have TWO someday grandchildren hopes of same! Also, selling a home took much longer than it should have.....I know exactly those emotional ups and downs. Oh and let me not forget to mention....I have a new labradoodle named Bailey. Have a great day. mary

Brenda said...

Amazing!! So beautiful and something to share forever with your family. great job

farmhousequilter8 said...

So cute

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