Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Sister of My Heart

I have three brothers. One older, two younger. I often wished for a sister growing up.

I'm of the opinion that women need other women. I'm also of the opinion that rather than comparing ourselves to others and either feeling smug because we "have things more together than _____", or feeling like we are the ones that don't measure up, that we need to come alongside one another and build one another up. I've been blessed to find like-minded women. I prefer to be around these types of ladies- women who encourage rather than compare.

We've lived in five homes since marrying nearly 24 years ago. These homes have been spread over three states. With the passing of time, I've all but lost touch with some of the women in my life. There are others that have remained closer. And there is one, that no matter the distance we live apart, or the time that passes between phone calls or visits, the reunion is never awkward. We are like-minded and can finish one another sentences, but we aren't always of the same opinion. And that's just fine... we love one another anyway. As it should be!

I've longed to make Sherri a quilt for quite some time. The biggest struggle was choosing fabrics. It's very difficult to choose fabrics for someone else. After all, you'll not only have money invested in the quilt, but a great amount of time as well. You want it to be well received.

Lynn and I were at the fabric store when I spotted a few fabrics and my wheels started spinning. Lynn is another great friend. She's a fellow quilter, and someone who knows she can be honest with me. As I started pulling these fabrics together she gave me a look as if she wondered what on earth I was thinking. These fabrics weren't something I would normally choose.

I started to explain my choices. "Well, Sherri is very traditional, so the nature theme of the fabrics is perfect. But she's also fun-loving, so the bright blue will be okay. Also, her living room is this odd shade of green that may or may not go with this green, but it'll be close!" The look on Lynn's face didn't change. I went on. "She has a brown leather sofa, and she brought me these wildly colored daisies one time..."

By now I was doubting myself so I snapped a photo with my phone and texted it to Autumn. She quickly reassured me that she thought the choices were great. Then she added, "Besides, if you make her a quilt, do you really think she's going to hate it?"

I bought the fabric.

I cut, and sewed, and sent it off to The Back Porch Quilters. Russ contacted me with several ideas, but when he sent me the photo of the Feathered Buttercup design, I knew that was the one. Since Sherri and her family introduced us to The Princess Bride on one of our week long trips to visit them, it added more significance.

Russ's quilting is impeccable, as always.

Though I've mailed other quilts to the recipients, I wanted to hand deliver this gift to my friend. I received it back from the quilter with about 36 hours until I needed to hit the road for Anna's wedding.

Binding, binding, binding.

And a label to finish it off.

Washed, and dried with 30 minutes to spare.

Crinkled, and cozy!

Finished size is approximately 60 x 70; great for snuggling on the couch or napping under.

Made and presented with love. And well received, too.

Even Lynn agreed that the finished quilt was much better than she had anticipated.


Rebecca said...


It is so so stunning (I LOVE the color combination!). You done good, lady.

I have constantly been amazed this past year or so, at the willingness of your heart to put such effort into blessing people. Quilts are hard work! And expensive! And time-consuming!
And yet, time and time again you are blessing people with the fruit of your hands. They are very blessed to have you in their lives, that is for sure and for certain. You have a HUGE heart.

A very dear friend of mine made me a wedding ring quilt when I got married. In yellow and blue. And she made one for herself in red and blue. And every winter when I put in on our bed I feel enveloped in her love. You've given that treasure to so many people.

Happy summer to you Tracy!

Susan said...

How lovely and how special!!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

You're a great friend! Beautiful work!

That quilting is amazing!


Preciouspeas said...

Your quilts are beautiful and this one is just as lovely. I think it is wonderful how you bless others with your talents. Thank you for sharing your quilt with us.

Terri said...

Tracy, I love the color choices and it is beautiful! What a wonderful gift. :-)

Tracy said...

If you turned up on my doorstep with a quilt so beautifully made and designed to suit me, specifically I would have just sat down and cried. Beautiful thought. Beautiful quilt. Sherri is a very blessed lady!

Margo said...

It is GORGEOUS. I love that yellow-y brown and all the blues. It is so pretty!

(And I agree about the power of women. My mother is one of 6 sisters :) so I was raised with lots of women around and I have very strong bonds with my women friends)

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