Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Coffee to Go Mug Rug

Abigail recently purchased a desk for her room with some hard earned baby-sitting money, and she loves to sit at it while she does her school work. I thought she needed a little mug rug to protect the wood from her hot and cold drinks.

 She chose the color scheme, and I stitched it up. The pattern can be found here, although I did modify the lid to my liking.

She's already tested it out with a glass of pink lemonade and a mug of coffee, and it seems to work just fine.


Marilene said...

How pretty! Can I have one, too?

Terri said...

Very nice! I love this one.

Mim said...

What a sweet mum you are to always be making beautiful things for your daughters. :)
Makes me miss my mum (she's been living and working in a remote part of Tanzania for the last 5 years).

I love your blog. I first started reading it a few years ago and your sewing posts and photos encouraged me to get my mother's sewing machine out and learn to sew.. I have since opened up a little shop so thanks for all your great posts over the years :)

Lipstick Junkie said...

Oh my this is adorable!! Love!!

shelia said...


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