Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Scrappy Trip Along

I can't remember now if it was the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013, but somewhere around the New Year this Scrappy Trip Along craze invaded Instagram. Started by Megan of Lucy and Norman, and Brenda of Just a Bit Frayed, literally thousands of quilters around the world have jumped on the Scrappy bandwagon. 

This quilt is perfect for using up scraps. Mine contains some fabric scraps that are at least forty years old, and others that were given to me recently by friends. Anything goes!

This quilt went together fairly quickly. Abigail helped me arrange the blocks in a pattern pleasing to the eye. 

She also picked the backing and binding fabrics.

I sent it off to be quilted with the baby quilt for Eleanor, and just as soon as I bound Ellies' quilt, I began this one. It took me about a day, and voila! it was done!

 I was so excited to get this quilt onto Abigail's bed. I dug out this gingham bedskirt that I'd had for quite some time, and thought it looked lovely together. I pressed the skirt while the quilt washed and dried.

Such a beauty!

 Such disappointment! Keeping it real here, folks. The quilt shrunk just a little too much and was too narrow for the bed. I could have cried.

Off the bed and onto the quilt rack it went. Abigail and I  enjoy snuggling under it while we eat popcorn and read, so it's not a total loss.

Want to make one of your own? You can find the tutorial for the blocks here.
Special thanks to The Back Porch Quilters for a wonderful job on the quilting!


Anonymous said...

It's GORGEOUS!!! And it looked lovely with the bedskirt.

I'm so sorry that it shrunk, but glad you can still use it.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

It is gorgeous!

Glad you are able to enjoy it still!


Margo said...

oh, I LOVE it! I must make one of these! I went and pinned the tutorial and I think I can handle it.

So, as to the shrinkage, do you prewash your fabric or not? I'm curious. I never noticed that one of my quilts shrank, but I always wash all my fabric before it goes into my stash.

Tracy said...

Margo, I don't prewash my fabrics as a rule. I prefer working with the crispness of unwashed. I'm sure that does make a difference in the shrinkage. Also, I use 100% cotton batting, which I'm sure doesn't help either.

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