Thursday, April 4, 2013

Yellow and Grey for Eleanor Faye

Time marches on, and people I knew when they were children are getting married and having babies of their own.

Last spring, one of my children's favorite babysitters got married. Ben was such fun. Yes, I said Ben. Have you ever hired a male babysitter? He was so cool. He was a lifeguard and we had a pool so the children could swim while he was at our home with them. He knew how to make fancy necklaces and bracelets with beads and hemp. Now Ben is married and has a daughter of his own.

I messaged his wife Kara several months back and asked her what colors they were using in the baby's room. When I got her reply, I gathered various shades of yellow and grey. You've seen the original quilt top that I made in this post, but as I worked on it I thought it might be too traditional for this young, fun-loving family. I developed a new plan.

Inspired by Crazy Mom Quilts, I followed her pattern for this modern baby quilt. The chevron pattern is a little deceiving and makes the quilt look wider than it is long. It's actually 42" wide x 42.25" long.

I wanted to throw in a touch of pink for this sweet baby girl, so I backed the quilt with a fabric that incorporated the colors that Kara had chosen with a touch of femininity. I labeled the back lower right hand corner with Eleanor's full name and the names of her parents, her birthdate, and my name.

Although I had this quilt pieced a few months before Ella was born, I procrastinated with the actual quilting. I finally sent it out rather than completing it myself. Seeing Dana's quilt that she had done by The Back Porch Quilters, I trusted that they would do a good job. I was not to be disappointed. Their work was even more fabulous than I could have imagined.

I bound the quilt during a long car trip, washed it, and sent it off in the mail. I long to hold Ben and Kara's beautiful little girl but until then they can wrap her in a hug from me.


farmhousequilter8 said...

This is beautiful, Tracy.

Preciouspeas said...

Beautiful! What a sweet blessing for a little girl. . .

Margo said...

oh, I love it!! What a keepsake you made.

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