Thursday, May 31, 2012

In a Year's Time: 2,135.86 Miles

One year ago I started walking. 366 days have passed since the day I committed to getting more serious about my health. I transitioned from walking to running on October 1, and have surprising become hooked. In that one year, my feet have carried me 2,135.86 miles. I'm on my fifth pair of shoes. 2,135.86 miles over the course of 366 days is an average of 5.84 miles per day. I feel strong!


Kimberly said...

I was just looking at your miles in the sidebar when you added this post, I think.
WOW! Great job!
I started walking in March myself. My regular walk has become my short walk and I am up to 6-7 miles.
I want to run, too. I am working up to that.
Thanks for sharing. It is inspiring!!

Susan said...

Running truly does seem to be addictive. We have many young woman in our church that are totally addicted.

Michelle, a heart at home said...

Congratulations on your accomplishment.
It must feel very good to know you're doing something positive for your health. That doesn't only benefit you, but benefits your family too. Now they've got a healthy, happy wife/mother. :-)

farmhousequilter8 said...

Way to go, quilter!!

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