Friday, March 30, 2012

In Preparation for the Big Race on Saturday...

Last summer, I walked mile after mile. Verne started talking about running a marathon in the spring, and told me that I should walk a half when he did it. When I told him that I'd walked 13.1 miles a few times, he told me that it didn't count because people might not believe me unless I was signed up for the race. His reasoning went something like, "You know, if you register, and your time is forever logged, people have to believe that you did it."

After four months of beating Verne in the mileage competition, I opened my big, fat, competitive mouth and rubbed it in. Not a good idea. His response?

"You're just walking; I'm running."

REALLY? Seriously?? I was angry. Really angry. 'He's just mad that I've beat him', I thought. 'I'll show him'. The next day, October 1, 2011, I ran 5.1 miles without stopping. If I was going to register for a half marathon, I was not going to be walking it.

On December 17, 2011 I ran 13.1 miles without stopping. I repeated it again on December 31, 2011. And I've done it five more times in 2012. Tomorrow is the big day. The "official" day. And I'm scared to death that I'll be slow, or have to walk, or the weather will be too warm, or I won't feel well, or...

Monday- I talked with Mac on the phone last night. While I've been training to run a half marathon, he's been training to run the full race, although his is in a month, not this week. I asked him what his thoughts were for me this week. At first, he advised 8 miles on Monday, 6 on Tuesday, 8 on Wednesday, off on Thursday, and 4 on Friday. I was afraid of wearing myself out, I explained. I wasn't feeling great today, and was worried about running at all tomorrow.

Mac saw my point, and suggested 6 miles Monday and Wednesday, and 4 miles on Tuesday. Keep Thursday and Friday the same. Okay. That sounds better.

And then I woke up feeling well. The temperatures were cool, which I love. I started running with 6 miles in mind. Well, I could just add a part of this hill. The half marathon will be hilly, and it's been awhile since I've tackled the biggest hill around us. And before I knew it I was the entire way up the hill, changing my course and running 8.06 miles at a 9:25 pace. I finished it up with a 2.05 mile walk.

I didn't feel tired or sore.

Tuesday- Does the summer have to be hot? It was 47 F when I started my run, and it felt heavenly. I ran hills today. Lots of them- 5.6 miles worth at a 9:27 pace. I also walked 3.1 miles when I finished running. I feel great!

Wednesday- Collin decided to run with me today. I told him we'd go between 4 and 6 miles. As we approached the house, I took a side road. "MOM! Where are you going?"

"Umm... I'm gonna finish 5 miles."

"You lied to me. You said no more than 4 miles!"

"We've already gone more than 4 miles, and you can go home if you want."

But he didn't. He stuck it out to the 5 mile mark, and then walked another half mile with me. I turned to the left, and continued on walking for another 3.5 miles and he went home.

I like working out with Collin. Except that I feel like he's running at a snail's pace to stay with me, and I feel bad about that.

Thursday- Took the day off. Ahem...except for at track practice. What? I didn't mention track practice? MmmHmm. I'm a track coach now. I only stretched and ran a quarter of a mile with the kids. That's still taking the day off, right?

Friday- 48 degrees. I sure hope tomorrow morning is exactly like this morning. The temperature was perfect. I ran 3.1 miles at an easy 9:50 pace, and walked another .75 to cool down.

Tomorrow is the big day. Me and 2000+ other runners will be running 13.1 miles. Very hilly miles I'm told. Why am I doing this again?


Tracy said...

Terri ( said:

You should be proud at your accomplishments in running. That is wonderful! I'll be thinking about you tomorrow while I'm *sitting* all day at the farmer's market. lol!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

You are going to be so thrilled when you finish! I'll be thinking of you too while I am sitting in our store!

Go you!


Danielle said...

How exciting! I hope you really enjoy it:-)

Margo said...

I am so impressed! You sound like you're having FUN that's why you're doing it :) The idea of running 1 mile alone is unpleasant to me and you just keep going. Gooooo, Tracy!

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