Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oldest :: Youngest

This morning (well, technically it was yesterday morning, now), Abigail and I packed up the car and headed west to the university for a visit with Mac.

We made a trip to the park during his two hour break between classes. We returned him to campus just in time for his guitar ensemble, made a trip to the local coffee shop, and picked Mac back up again for dinner. It was a splendid day with weather that felt more like early October or late April than the first of February.

Abigail excused herself to use the restroom at dinner, and as she left the table, Mac remarked, "It's so weird that she's not a little kid anymore!"

Yes, Son, I know exactly what you mean.


sherry said...

sweet times.
i know you treasure these moments and words .. ♥

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Poignant moment!

That was a neat thing you did taking a road trip to visit Mac. What fun for you and Abigail!

Too bad he is not in school here in PA!

Love to you, dear Friend!

Sharon said...

What a nice trip to make and sounds like you all enjoyed it very much. Beautiful children too!

Michelle said...

Your babies are beautiful !

Ana-Maria said...

Dear Tracy,

I have been reading both of your blogs for the last two days and fell in love with your beautiful family and your interesting and happy life. I think I have learned quite a lot and I send you best regards from Oxford, England! I am quite young but will be married soon and I hope that I will be as good of a homemaker as you are. Thank you for all the lessons and I'll try to keep in touch! May you be blessed for all the blessing you bestow on all around you and beyond!

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