Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hot Spinach and Lentil Salad

It's been such a busy time here between school and play practice, that we've hardly had a chance to enjoy anything else. I keep reminding myself this is a season, and the busy-ness will pass. I want to enjoy each day, and not wish them away.

One thing that remains constant is our family dinners. Sitting down as a family each and every evening is essential. We can't always afford the time to linger over the meal, but the simple act of eating together cements relationships. And who says Wednesday night dinner can't be special?

I tried another recipe (Hot Spinach and Lentil Salad) from The Daily Bean tonight, and it was a winner. So flavorful, so unexpected. Hard boiled eggs on top of wilted spinach? Lentils cooked with mustard seed? Each bite was delicious, and I think I'll be making this one often. Sea scallops made the perfect accompaniment, though I could be happy with just the salad.

Four more performances of the play, and hopefully life will return to normal, whatever that is!
If you're local, please join us. I promise you'll have a good time.


Shug said...

Looks good and sounds great....I'm with you, who say's Wednesday night's meal can't be great...
Our Wednesday's are always so full and dinner is either late or early, depending on our schedule before church..This sounds easy and wonderful...
Thanks for sharing..

Margo said...

that looks GREAT. Could you post the recipe, please?
And I so agree about family dinners. That's how I was raised and we're carrying on the tradition.

Jordin said...

I'd love to try this. It looks wonderfully *different*. (I'm stuck in a cooking rut.)

As a child, my family very rarely ate together, so we're trying to make meal time in our home a fun tradition. It's my favorite time of day!

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