Saturday, August 27, 2011

Smooth Sailing

Ten tiny toes made their appearance this week after much anticipation. Asher McConaghy came into the world Wednesday evening, and you better believe I was at the hospital Thursday afternoon to hold him. And to see his mama, Rachel, and his daddy, Patrick, of course. But, I won't lie- I went mostly to hold the baby.

I also couldn't wait to deliver the gift I made for him over the span of several months. You've seen little glimpses of it already, here, here, and even in this month's header photos!

Smooth Sailing- that's what I call this quilt. Why? Because as I was sewing I prayed. I prayed for a safe and easy pregnancy and delivery. I also prayed that little Asher would be a joy to his family, and that he would know the Lord from the first days of his life. Smooth Sailing. It fits!

The finished quilt, freshly laundered and ready to be given. Asher is the fifth boy in his family. When I found out he was on the way, I started thinking about what to make for him. When his two older brothers travelled to Canada for a summer of sailing, I thought a quilt with boats would be just right.

The back of the quilt. Abigail chose the fabric for this side, and as Mary Lou pointed out, it's buoys for a boy! Enough of the quilt. I know you want to see more of this baby than his toes!

Abigail and I planned to go visiting while Collin had a college class, but Collin was glad that we waited for him.

He looks pretty comfortable holding a new baby, don't you think?

Like the quilt pattern? You can find it for free, without my adaptations, here.


Terri said...

Tracy, that is absolutely gorgeous! I love the name you gave it too. The baby is beautiful too, of course!

Amanda said...

Beautiful baby, and beautiful quilt, too!

Susan - Penless Writer said...

Lovely and fitting.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Congratulations to Asher's family.

What a treasure you have created Tracy! It's stunning! Perfect for a boy!

You ARE a quilter!


Shug said...

How precious....I just love babies!
That is a darling quilt...very pretty
Good job.

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