Friday, April 8, 2011

Off My Rocker

Last week when we went on our Chemistry field trip, my children and I rode with my friend, Pat and her husband, Eric. We arrived about 30 minutes ahead of the others. After touring the gift shop, we settled ourselves in the visitor's room to wait for the rest of our group. It was then that Pat noticed just how short I am and that regular furniture doesn't fit me well. She told me to remind her to show me a rocking chair the next time I was at her home, as it just might be a good fit.

Yesterday, like every other Thursday afternoon, we showed up for Chemistry class. Eric opened the garage, and after class, Pat took me out to sit in the rocker. It was a good fit, indeed! And with that, she blessed me with this sturdy piece of furniture that had been her father's.

I got it home, brought it into the house and gave it a thorough cleaning.

And then I lost out to Verne and Chester. They think it was brought in just for them.


Mary Lou Casada said...

Isn't that just the way it goes!? Same with food -- I bring in something nice for me, it's gone before I get a smell!! :-D It's a beautiful rocker. Well done, Pat!
Mary Lou

Phyllis said...

Well I would say put him out of that chair--but he does have an injury!!

Jennifer said...

what a sweet friend :o) I know ALL of you will treasure the gift... when you finally get to sit in it ;o)

Unknown said...

er um dont you think you need to serve these (wonderous beings im shure)an ection notice.
have awonderful day. I think the rocker is just beautiful.
thaks fro sharing

Becky K. said...

Oh my...that is classic!
I'm sure you'll find a way to reclaim it.
Great story and picture.
Have a good day, Tracy.

Margo said...

that is a lovely rocker - far too feminine for those boys ;) I love the story to go with it too. . . .and doesn't that make a house a home, to have those stories?

sherry said...

petite. vertically challenged. um. short. yes, that's my deal too. thankfully, i too have a chair all mine and my feet touch the floor. you need to reclaim that lovely rocker, my dear. quickly. ;o)

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