Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Four Baskets

Because we were moving the chicken coop, I missed my Farmer's Wife class on Saturday. Oh, Verne told me to go on ahead, but I had to be here to make sure that my babies were safe. I am the Chicken Mama, you know. 

Later in the evening, when we couldn't work outside any longer, I settled myself in the sewing room. I find myself drawn to that newly painted, calming space more and more these days. It used to be that I'd only sew if I could devote the day to it. Now I find myself slipping away for a few moments here and there, and it's such a joy!

Back to the Farmer's Wife! It was with great trepidation that I dove into this month's blocks. Four of them were baskets- one had an appliqued handle. I've never appliqued before, and was sorry I missed the class as I got started. Autumn showed me how to use the bias tape maker, and I was off. I was pretty proud of myself when I finished that block. 

I loved these blocks so much that I've only got two left for the month! Poor Autumn, though. She actually went to the class and hasn't finished a single block yet. She's felt a little under the weather and lost her motivation to sew. I'm sure it will return soon. 

Going clockwise and starting at the top, the baskets are as follows: Grape Basket (my favorite), Strawberry Basket, Fruit Basket, and Flower Basket. 

Have a favorite?


Nadine said...

Beautiful quilt squares Tracy!


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Love these!

I find I am drawn to the fruit basket...I like the colors...

I hope Autumn feels better soon. I haven't sewn for a while and find myself itching to get going on a project....

Hugs all around!

sherry said...

well, my favorite handiwork project would be hand applique. the itty bitty stitches make my heart happy. so i'd have to choose the hand applique handle basket though they're all lovely. beautiful work.

:o) jAne

Cait said...

I am loving following your work on this!

Jennifer said...

Those are so beautiful! You and Autumn both have an amazing talent!

Becky K. said...

I love the design of the grape basket and the colors of the strawberry basket. Nice work.

I thought I was the chicken Mama....well, I guess this means there are at least two of us. lol

Becky K.

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