Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Second Fireplace

Last winter we transformed a corner of the dining room, and built a fireplace where there had been none.  It was hard work, but we've been so pleased with the results, and have enjoyed it so immensely, that we decided to add another fireplace to the living room. 

Construction started two weekends ago when Verne built the box to place the insert in. Late last week he hung the metal lath, and prepared the scratch coat.

Though I didn't get photos of the new love notes he left me, they were very similar to the ones he made on the dining room fireplace. Though they're covered over now, our names are forever under those rocks.

He's sweet like that!

This is where I come in. Up until this point, I stood around admiring the laborer, and made sure he had plenty to eat and drink. I even made his favorite butterscotch pudding.

And then, just like last time, I found out how hard stone masons work. Verne mixed the cement, Collin buttered rocks, and handed them to me. It's like a puzzle, fitting each one against the next. I've worked three 8 hour days on this project, and it's not quite done.

I'm looking forward to the evenings when we can sit and relax by it!


Michelle G said...

It's beautiful - your family will have such wonderful times by the fireplace :)
Good work!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...


It is going to be awesome! It will make it so warm and cozy!

I soooo want a fire place in my living room. We will have one in the family room when my parents move in but until then, how awesome would it be to sit by the fire and read?


Terri said...

I love the gold tones in the stones. Beautiful!

Margo said...

lovely! I love the concept of "buttered rocks" and the hidden love notes.

randi said...

wonderful! this is a great family project!

Nadine said...



Sharon said...

It is beautiful, Tracy! I love the stones you chose. So warm and inviting. You have a wonderful husband to do such sweet things like that. :)

Jennifer said...

as everyone else has said... the word is just BEAUTIFUL! what a talented and gifted husband you have!

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