Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Better Late than Never

Gifts 172-200

172. warm October weather
173. no furnace necessary
174. sleeping with the windows open
175. much needed gentle rains

176. rocks, large and small
177. seeing a daddy teach a daughter how to skip them across the water
178. Sunday afternoon hikes
179. walking sticks
180. finding lost cell phones 

181. caves to explore
182. snakes- not poisonous!
183. paths to follow
184. a helping hand when the steps are too big for short people
185. giggles from nearly grown children

186. adventure!
187. waterfalls
188. creation that declares His glory
189. a college boy who remembers his mama every. single. day.
190. video chatting

191. classes for adults who desire to learn new things
192. patient teachers
193. new fabrics
194. sewing machines
195. time spent with a daughter
196. watching my youngest help older women

197. prayer
198. He hears!
199. asking for grace and feeling your heart change
200. forgiveness

holy experience


Rebecca said...

WhereEVER you were this past week, I wish I had been there too! Stunning photos, ALL. These lists are wonderful to make AND to read, because through reading others, you are reminded about things you personally have never thought.

I LOVED #191 and add to it, when adults have the DESIRE to learn. A true gift, and somewhat rare it seems these days.

Have a beautiful week Tracy!

Rachel said...

Gorgeous photographs!!! I especially love them, because they catch the "small" things, the things people tend to just walk by and never notice. I too tend notice the "unnoticed" and praise God for creating beauty in His creation down to the smallest detail!

Amanda said...

And you want to see my falls?? Oh wow, this place is just gorgeous! We should do a house swap for a week or something lol!

I loved your oh-so-lovely thankful points. Nearly as much as I loved your photos...

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Next time we come to KY I want to go there! Lovely!

Such beautiful things to be thankful for!

Anonymous said...

oh, aspiring farm girl...your blog is just incredibly beautiful....I think I will be following you, your stories and your pictures!
love, debz

Becky K. said...

How lovely. Thanks for posting this lovely list of gratitude and gorgeous photos!

Becky K.

Terri said...

That's a wonderful list of thankful things! I love your photos, especially the waterfall.

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