Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hollow Books

photo by Collin

Collin has been spending all of his spare change at the thrift store buying large hardback books, and all of his spare time hollowing them out. Each one is a little better than the last, and he's having loads of fun. 


Margo said...

are you really using them to store money?

and how exactly does he make the boxes? I'm intrigued.

Tracy said...


Ha! No, we're not really using them to store our money. We believe in banks! Collin thought it would be a cool idea to show his "wad of cash" inside.

He typically cuts the books, page by page with a box-cutter type knife. Depending on the size of the book, he finds boxes around the house and cuts them to fit inside the book, gluing them in place. Check boxes, like you receive your check order in, are really the best for most of his books.

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