Sunday, September 16, 2012

Saturday Morning Date

For years he asked me to join him, and for years I turned him down. "Wanna run with me?" He asked me nearly every single morning, and the answer was always no.

Not only do I like running now, but I truly love the look on his face when he asks me, "Wanna run with me?", and I respond, "Sure!" I can tell that he's genuinely thrilled to be sharing one of his favorite pastimes with me. We're training for a half-marathon, and yesterday morning we stole away to run 9 miles together.

He's ever the gentleman, and carries water for me. And a handkerchief in case I need to wipe my brow. He slows to my pace when I need him to, and compliments me when he has to fall in behind me single-file because of traffic. Something along the lines of, "Well, this is a nice view!"

We finished the 9 mile run, and walked a mile and a half to cool down. He stole a kiss even though I was sweaty, and held my hand. He picked me a roadside bouquet, and took me to Starbucks. Running and romance? It was a perfect Saturday date!

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