Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Glass Half Full

Because there are enough dishes to wash each day without everyone grabbing a new glass every single time they want a drink, I came up with a system. Enter the Sharpie marker! We use canning jars as glasses (they're SUPER durable!) and if I want it to, the Sharpie washes right off with a Scotch Brite pad.

My children, as old as they are, found this to be about the greatest thing ever. What??? We're allowed to write our name on the bottom of the glass? You'd have thought I fell off my rocker the way they looked at me.

Since we drink water all day long, even with our meals, one glass per person per day is all we need now. And that is marvelous! It's also great fun learning to write your name backwards on the bottom of the glass so that it can be seen the correct way when looking down.


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

What a clever idea! I may need to do this - we use canning jars too!


Rebecca said...

This is positively brilliant.

What works in our house (for now) is that each child has their own color. I have antique glass drinking cups with heavy bottoms in several different colors. I have found because of their heavy bottoms, they are great to teach children how to drink out of "big kid cups" without nearly as many spills so we don't even keep plastic ones in the house. Each child has one color a day. But I only have five different colors so....if ever I run out of colors, I am totally swiping this idea.

(I already drink out of a canning jar-I use the big ones and it helps me regulate how much water I am drinking too.)

As for the bread thing in your last post~ my husband told me about that a while ago but I didn't believe him! :-) All summer I have been buying bread as canning heats to house up so much I didn't want even just ONE MORE THING, you know?

sherry said...

writing backwards :: i'm glad *mom* is an easy one. wink.

we do the same quite often..

Susan said...

Love this creative idea!!

Mrs. Anna T said...

Clever, creative and saves work!!!

Margo said...

that is a great idea!

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