Tuesday, May 29, 2012

To be Young

A sleepover was planned, and swimming was on the agenda. But very late in the morning, the rain clouds rolled in and the temperature dropped from 86 to 68 within minutes. 

"We'll have fun anyway, " my girl promised. 

Although the temperature never recovered, the storms passed, and these girls weren't about to let a little chill get in their way. I can't say I'm that brave.


Michelle, a heart at home said...

I remember vacationing in Florida with my parents when I was about 13. It was February and ended up being colder than average the entire week, but I was determined to swim before we returned home. Finally, on the last day, I braved the pool (unheated). My teeth were chattering when I got out, but at least I could return home and tell my friends that I had been swimming while we were there! :-)
It looks like they had a good time, and that's what really matters anyway!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

My kids will get into the pool if the water is cool too - me, I want it to be 84 + water temp before I'll get in!

Cute photos!


Shug said...

Lots of Fun!! these pictures show how much fun the girls were having..

I went into the pool yesterday with Mylee...didn't bother her one bit, but I was freezing! It has been so warm here, so I was thinking that the water would be warm...not!

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