Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Johnny Jump Up

The days are flying by, and my head often feels like it is spinning. Just today I completed my daily run, taught a class on lye soapmaking at the local extension office, ran an errand in town, drove home to pick Collin up, and headed right back out for a picnic with friends. Took a short nap because of a headache brought on by the heat, ate supper, went for a walk with Abigail and Lucy, and completed a tax return. And now onto another. Have I mentioned that I hate doing taxes?


Rebecca said...

oh golly. It begins! :-)

I really wish I could have been at your class. I have wanted to learn soapmaking for YEARS now. I really ought to just jump in like I often do anyway- but how nice to learn from a friend! I am sure it went smashingly well.

Your taxes remind me that we still need to do OUR taxes but this year, I am GETTING them done. Matt quitting a job, starting up a business, quitting a business and starting up a job along with buying a home seems too daunting a task to record for little old me.

It sounded like a great day for you...with plenty of time outdoors. We too picniced and walked for 3 miles. Of course, I was DYING by the end because all four children pooped out on me halfway through and I ended up pushing all four in a sit and stand stroller the rest of the way. I figure that much more of a workout, right?! ;-)

And I had a headache yesterday too. Probably from the heat/walk/drinking not enough water.

And today it is going to be gorgeous again! It is said to reach 90 in this part of PA. And it is still MARCH! unbelievable.

Enjoy the day!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Your day sounds a lot like mine - minus the run and the taxes....busy busy but fun!

Miss you!

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