Thursday, August 4, 2011

B is for _______________

Continuing on with the Alphabet in August, we're on the letter B. I'd love it if you'd play along- if not on your own blog, then in the comments. Let me know what describes you!

Babies - I love them! I loved being pregnant, I loved nursing, and I wish I could have had many more than four.

Baker - Baking is fun! From pies, to cakes, to cookies, to scones, I simply enjoy being in the kitchen and coming up with new concoctions.

Barefoot - I very rarely have socks or shoes on, and am most comfortable in my bare feet.

Belligerent - I think it runs in my family, and you'd only have to ask my mother to find out this is true about me.

Berries - Yum! I eat them each and every day, year round, on my morning yogurt. I enjoy strawberries fresh, and I particularly like frozen blueberries and raspberries. They are refreshing on these hot summer mornings after my long walks.

Brown - Brown eyes, brown hair (with LOTS of salt sprinkled in), and one of my favorite colors. Brown skin, too, in the summer!

Books - I adore books, and can't imagine a world without them.

Bustling - As I said yesterday, I don't sit still very well. I love bustling about my home, accomplishing things as I go.

Your turn. What "B" words describe you?


Terri said...

I love your list of things, Tracy! I may do this but I'll probably just do more of a condensed version of it when I get a chance.

Terri said...

Okay, I just burst out laughing because I was perusing quickly and I thought your last "b" item was bustline until I read further! I was thinking, hmmmm...that might be too much information!! LOL!!!!

Tracy said...

Terri, Now THAT got me laughing!

Susan said...

I enjoyed your "B's" I knew one of them would be Baking!!!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

My B words are:

Books, Baking, Brown (me too!), barefoot...we are a lot alike!


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