Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Abigail and I took advantage of the cooler temperatures, and went to pick organic blueberries after dropping Collin off at work at 11 AM. I figured we'd be home by 1 PM, because really, how long can it take to pick a few gallons of blueberries, anyway?

Umm... it can take much longer than you think! I started munching on berries around 1, but I had to convince Abigail that it was okay. I think she was afraid we were stealing. We finally finished around 2:30, and would have gotten more, but the three gallons we picked pretty much wiped them out for a few days.

I was starving. Abigail was starving, so what were we to do? Ice cream of course!

And boy, was it ever good!


Rachel said...

Yum and yum!!!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Gorgeous photos!

Becky K. said...

Love it!
Our neighbor used to go into a bog every year and pick the wild blueberries. He was in there with the bugs, snakes and who knows what all else.It doesn't look like you were picking in those conditions.

You two look so cute with the ice cream.

I'm getting so excited for our trip to Kentucky!!!

randi said...

blueberries are so yummy! wish they grew here. would love to pick some fresh!

Bonnie said...

Oh yum that icecream looks good!
Wow, 3 gallons, I'm impressed- my blueberry bushes are sporting about a dozen right now, such cute little first year berries they are too.

I sent you another e-mail- basically just letting you know that I have to get envelopes, then I'll get you fabric out, hopefully friday morning.

Marilene said...

You look gorgeous, Tracy! So happy for you!

Jennifer said...

you look amazing!

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