Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Walk in the Rain

I'll never be a runner.

I'm married to a man who asks me almost every morning of my life if I'd like to run with him, but I've never taken him up on it, and probably never will. But walking? That I can do. Actually, I can walk much faster than my runner-husband.

I set out this morning to walk in a 5K, and my only goal was to walk it in an hour. It was chilly so I donned long pants rather than shorts, a jacket, and was carrying an umbrella. And keys. And my iPhone. Yeah. Like I said, I'm no runner.

I got very warm as the rain let up, and folded my umbrella as I kept my pace. It wasn't long before the jacket had to come off, too. I tied my jacket around my waist as I walked, and my keys were practically dragging the ground in my coat pocket.

What to do? What to do?

Got it! I put them in the umbrella, which I was carrying horizontally in one hand, and so I kept walking, all the while digging my keys out of my dragging pocket. Yeah- I bet I looked very classy.

Just as I was rounding the cone at the halfway point, my phone rang. I had to fish my iPhone out of my other dragging pocket. Mmmhmm. I answered the phone to hear Abigail asking me questions about homemade yogurt. She was at home, making the recipe that I'd left her with. Not long after I hung up with her, and got my music back on, the rain started again. It felt good, and I didn't bother to put the umbrella back up, but I looked down to realize I was wearing a white t-shirt, and needed to put my jacket back on lest I look like I was in a contest.

More fumbling with the jacket, the umbrella in my hand, and my phone.

Long story short, I was surprised at the finish line when they told me that I finished in 51 minutes. I'll never be a runner, but multi-tasking I can do!


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Great! That is fantastic!

Jennifer said...

I had to snicker at this post... as I could imagine myself in your place :o) Yay for 51 minutes ~ that's great! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

sherry said...

awesome, tracy!!!

Terri said...

That is terrific! I laughed out loud at the wet t-shirt comment. Great job, Tracy!

Margo said...

I'm laughing - I can so picture this! And ti sounds like something I would do, too. (And I also HATE running, but love walking).

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