Monday, February 14, 2011

He Loves Me

This is our 24th Valentine's day together, and each one has been fantastic, though they tend to look different from year to year. We had two years before we got married, and two years alone after we were married, though I was very pregnant that second year. We never had enough money to go out and hire a sitter when our children were young, and so I'd put them to bed early, and make us a nice dinner at home. As they got a bit older, I 'd feed the children about an hour before Verne got home from work, and then have a special dinner just for the two of us. However, this certainly didn't mean we were alone. No, not at all.

The children seemed to spend all day long planning out skits, musical performances and the like for our dinner entertainment. They rehearsed for hours, and were very pleased with themselves before, during, and after their performances. Those are such wonderful memories!

As they grew even older, we did slip away to nice restaurants for the evening. This year? We stayed home. Verne is so good about making sure that I feel special every single day of the year, and he would have been very happy to take me somewhere nice this evening, but you know, we've gone out twice this past week, and I felt like it was my turn to give to him. You see, my husband loves my cooking, and I couldn't be happier about that! As I started thinking about whether to go out or stay home, I began to get excited in the menu planning.

Verne mentioned the other day all of the years we had scallops, and how good they were. Scallops. Check. But this year, I wanted to do something a bit different than I've done in the past, too. I added shrimp and crab legs to the menu.

I came in from grocery shopping this afternoon, and Verne met me at the door instead of the other way around. He'd gotten home from work early, and brought me cut roses in the most gorgeous color, along with a little pink potted rose to enjoy much longer.

As I worked in the kitchen, he came alongside me and thanked me for my efforts. Words aren't the only way to speak thanks. There are hands on my waist, kisses on the back of my neck, and the gazes from across the room. I often catch him staring as I work, and blush as I catch his gaze. It is a gift to be adored. To be thought so much of, when I know I don't deserve it.

The table was set. Tablecloth, candles, flowers, and beautiful plates. I made kabobs- bacon-wrapped scallops, shrimp, zucchini, grape tomatoes, mushrooms, red onion, and yellow peppers. Grilled to perfection by Collin, for just a short time, the kabobs made an excellent accompaniment to brown rice, cooked baby carrots, and crab legs. It was tasty and beautiful!

And the children? They were thrilled to celebrate with us. Collin took our photo, and captured the joy of the occasion.

The real joy? Gifts 349 - 353:

♥ The smiles, hugs, and kisses don't only happen on special occasions, and though they are freely given, they aren't taken for granted.

♥ He makes me laugh. All day long.

♥ The blessings around our table given to us as a result of our love for one another.

♥ Getting to share each day with my best friend.

♥ Knowing that He loves me because of the way that he loves me.

* What was so funny in the last photo? We're kissing, and Collin's snapping photos, and Abigail pipes up with "Aren't they cute at this age?"

Join us in the counting?


farmhousequilter8 said...

So sweet!!!! Those roses are gorgeous!!

Cait said...

I love the color of the roses, Abigail's comment, the pictures, and your example of staying in love :) Happy Valentine's Day!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Lindsay and I burst out laughing at Abigail's comment! Love her!

You two are can see the love you have for each other!

24 years is an awesome thing isn't it?

Love you both!

darlene said...

Awesome Valentine's Day. I loved reading your heartfelt love for your husband and appreciation of his love for you. Keep up the good work.

Marilene said...

You'll be even cuter in another 24 years!

Margo said...

how inspiring! and those roses are my favorite colors.
Happy Valentines' Day to both of you :)

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