Monday, December 6, 2010

A Weekend Away

Because Verne's work van was totaled in his accident several weeks back, he had to travel to Pennsylvania to retrieve a new one. Doctor's orders don't allow him to drive more than two hours at a time, or to stay overnight alone just yet. This meant he couldn't go alone. I was happy to be his travel companion, and we left early Friday morning. A friend drove us to the airport, and we flew from Knoxville to Orlando, and then to Pittsburgh. We weren't subjected to full body scans or being unlawfully searched which made the day quite pleasant! We broke up the drive back by traveling for two days, taking turns driving, and stopping frequently. Despite all of the travel, it was a bit of a honeymoon.

My list of gratitude continues to grow: #301- 316

* a friend being willing to drive us to the airport
* a birthday party for Abigail to attend, keeping her occupied while we were gone
* not having to be searched or scanned!
* a love-seat rocking chair while waiting for our first plane
* a leisurely three hour layover

* lunch at Macaroni Grill 
* love notes on the table written in crayon
* holding hands
* working on crossword and Sudoku puzzles together
* a beautiful sunset viewed from an airplane

* visiting family
* easy return travel
* a hotel room without children along
* 500 miles alone in the car together and never a need for the radio! 
* discussing our future
* return hugs and kisses from the children back home

Join us?


Elise said...

Such beautiful thanks... And pictures!

Thank you for sharing!

Melissa Campbell said...

So glad you got some time away to travel to my home state, PA. I hope the car is a good one. Was it snowing when you came?

I love the Macaroni Grill, holding hands and "love notes written in crayon,"--so romantic.


Tracy said...

Melissa- It snowed ever so softly Friday night, and into Saturday. No real accumulation to speak of. We left around 6 on Saturday evening, and it started snowing harder as we reached Cambridge, Oh, but stopped by the time we spent the night in Columbus. My mom said they had several inches by last night.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

So thankful for you and Verne!

So glad you were able to make this trip with him!

Abounding Treasures said...

Sounds wonderful for both of you!!

Danielle said...

Wonderful list!

randi said...

isn't it fun dreaming of the future with your spouse? i love that part of getting away with craig by ourselves. it's fun to make plans and strategize!

sherry said...

taking a break from my break to share my delight in your delight...


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