Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All is Calm?

So, this Christmas season was to be calm, and peaceful, and without chaos because we weren't doing anything in the gift department besides sponsoring a Compassion Child as a family. And yes, we are doing that. But then, because we love our children, and because they agreed so selflessly that sponsoring was a great idea, even though it meant that they were going to sacrifice their own Christmas gifts, it made us want to do something for them, too. Perhaps even more than every other year.

We truly couldn't afford to go big for our own kids, and sponsor, but we decided to do stockings, at least. And when did we decide this? Oh, about three days ago. 3 days!

Also, we're traveling 500 miles on Christmas Eve to be with our families on Christmas for the first time in 12 years. So there's that business of packing that needs to be done. And my mom called requesting cookies be brought back. Which I really don't mind one little bit, and I planned to do just one or two kinds. Really, I did. But then, I got out the recipes, and started feeling all nostalgic, and , and , and...

WHY do I do this?

OH! And there's this little niece that I have, and she's 18 months, and I've never met her before. I want her to love me, and so I decided to make her a monkey. Mmm, hmmm, I did. And I made the monkey once, and it just didn't turn out to my liking, so I pitched the entire thing into the garbage can. And then I immediately started cutting another one out to sew it again. Except that by now, I'm really tired of this monkey. I still have to finish one shoe, her skirt and her hat. I can always do hand sewing in the car, right? Right? RIGHT!

Collin's Chemistry class was cancelled last week due to bad weather, and since this week was supposed to be calm and peaceful, I suggested that we make it up tomorrow. I think my brain has melted along with the snow.

And all of a sudden, everyone wants jam. The phone is ringing, text messages are flying, and I got orders for 30 some jars this week. (This really is wonderful!) Someone had to tag and top every single one of those jars this morning. Her name is MOM.

There's a 5 gallon carboy of homemade elderberry wine in my closet, and for some strange reason, I just had to rack that wine off today. I couldn't get it out of my mind, so Collin helped me lift the huge vessel, and siphon from one carboy to another. He's having a Merry Christmas, alright! (Don't worry- we had a bowl to spit what came into our mouths back out- he really didn't get too tipsy!)

Anyone? Can you relate? Just when the schedule gets full, overflowing, really- do you feel the need to add more? Please tell me I'm not alone.

I have a feeling it's going to be a late night.


Terri said...

Oh my dear, I can certainly relate! Okay this is my 3rd day of the stomach virus and I am recuperating and feeling better. Then my darling daughter comes home from school this afternoon and with her pitiful face tells me that she needs to bring cookies for her teachers. Not just any cookie, but cookies that she made herself. Sigh. So in my still queasy state I get up and start helping her make cookies.

So yes, I can relate!

Lori said...

This time of year is soo busy. Seems like there are so many things to do. I too try to do as much as I can ahead of time. That way we can focus on the real reason for the season. Baby Jesus Birth - by doing family devotions (Jesee Tree) etc.
I love that your family sponsored a Compassion Child. We are considering doing that too.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Tracy said...

Oh my goodness me! Things have spiralled into some mad vortex for you!

Tracy I have only two suggestions: either enlist the help of your very able and capable children who would love to help you be unstressed; OR...learn to gently say "I'm sorry, but I just can't do anymore right now".

Your kids are wonderful young people. I know they'll enjoy working along with you to get everything done.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Oh, dear Tracy!

Wow! This week has been more hectic but with fun things, like going to see the Christmas show where the girls work (they all went today, went last week), a choir concert for a teen friend, Christmas Caroling at two nursing homes this evening....that with still picking up just a bit here and there, appointments for Tim and I get the idea.

Plus Friday is Tim's birthday, as well as the Christmas Eve service in which almost all of us have some part in...

T'is the Season!

Becky K. said...

Hi Tracy,

I am so happy that you are getting orders...sorry it is in the midst of a busy time. I continue to get candle orders even though I am "officially done" until after Christmas...but, I, like you am thrilled.

We were caroling tonight too with the Rabe's and others from church. It was a blessing.

May your travels be safe and enjoyable.

Merry Christmas!

Cait said...

Dear Mrs. K, I was so happy today that I clicked on your comment today instead of typing in your old url as I usually do, so I hadn't known you were still writing somewhere! I'm so glad to be here. Your mantel is beautiful.
That is my mom in the kitchen with me (I didn't inherit her willowy frame!) and we happily picked the apartment colors but the landlord painted. The one bedroom and its ceiling is yellow, and the rest of the house is peach, turquoise, grey, and purple. We love it!

Merry Christmas,
Love, Cait

Melissa Campbell said...

Smiles. I can relate. I hope your Christmas was full of peace and joy and hope! Blessings in the new year.

Margo said...

heh. Yeah, I got ridiculously busy right before Christmas proper too. What is UP with that?!
I'm still catching up from traveling, but I'm eager for January and quieter days.

I hope you got a picture of the monkey. I do lots of hand sewing in car :)

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