Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ten Toes

Today I had the privilege of holding one very sweet 5 day old baby girl. I'm much obliged to her mama who let me not only snuggle, but photograph her. And she didn't even think me strange ( at least she didn't let on, if she did think it!) when I asked if I could undress her a bit. I had to see those sweet baby toes, you know.

OH! how I wish I had one of these sweet little things at my own house! 


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

This is an awesome photo, Tracy! I just love everything about wee babies, and well, bigger babies too!

Unknown said...

So beautiful Tracy... there is nothing so sweet as a new born baby. And those toes? Well, I imagine myself just kissing the souls of those little feet. I can just imagine the sweet newborn smell... nothing like it is there?!

sherry said...

beyond precious. :o)
the top of the head...
...did you photograph
the top of the head?!
and did you smell
that head? bottle it?
there should be a
candle scent called
'newborn head'
something like that.


Short Stop said...

I'd let you hold and photograph my newest little guy at any time. Sure wish we could come visit and share a meal together. I think you and I would have a blast in the kitchen - whipping up some goodies together! :)

(Is it crazy that I actually looked up how far it is from my town to yours the other day...7 hours - give or take a few minutes. Haha. I'd sure love to meet you someday!)

Margo said...

My aunt undressed my daughter the first time she saw her - 3 days old - and specifically looked for the toes.
Nothing like it. Sweetness.

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