Monday, October 11, 2010

A Glimpse of Heaven

If you're anything like me you've wondered what heaven might be like. I've wondered. Often.

Though I've no doubt it will be far superior to anything I can ever imagine, sometimes I believe God gives me just a glimpse, and it's always wonderful. My marriage is certainly a glimpse of heaven. Being with my children is a glimpse of heaven. Being in fellowship with like-minded Christians is definitely a glimpse of heaven, and today I had one of those glimpses.

Deanna (Mrs. Rabe) and I have been reading each other's blog for several years now. We've each watched the other's children grow over the internet, prayed for one another, etc. It's curious how you just know that you'll like someone just from reading their writing. This evening we got to meet, and it was glorious! She and her family drove all the way from Pennsylvania and had dinner at our home. (Okay- so they didn't drive all that way JUST to see us, but still, they came a long way!)

I'm a hugger. My children tell me I'm comfy, and that no one hugs like I do. Turns out, Deanna is a hugger too. I love that!

Our entire family enjoyed the Rabe family immensely, and looks forward to the day when we'll meet again. They tell us that now it's our turn to travel.

Counting my blessings today and everyday, numbers 96- 145.

♥ kisses in the early dawn that make him late for work
♥ misty mornings
♥ dew in my flip flops as I let the chickens out
♥ collecting eggs
♥ crisp October mornings
♥ chickens that eat the multitude of grasshoppers hopping around
♥ an outside cat that kills the multitude of mice living in the overgrown garden
♥ green beans, Swiss Chard, and peppers still producing
♥ email from a friend pouring out her heart so that I can lift her family in prayer
♥ new life! a baby girl born into a solid Christian family

♥ walking/running 5 days last week
♥ a lunch date with a daughter
♥ shared desserts and conversation
♥ stroking hair when a head is on my shoulder
♥ a big boy home from college on fall break
♥ his laughter filling the house like no one else's can
♥ music abundant
♥ a dance performance well done
♥ warm Autumn afternoons
♥ pies, apple and cherry

♥ the end of canning season
♥ good smells coming from the kitchen
♥ homemade bread
♥ Spaghetti sauce with meatballs
♥ candles from a blogging friend I've never even met
♥ finally meeting a friend after several years
♥ genuine hugs
♥ having company feel at home
♥ being able to be ourselves from the first moment
♥ a kitchen warm and cozy- and big enough to hold a crowd

♥ happy birthday phone calls
♥ children who willingly help their mother prepare the home for company
♥ cameras
♥ similar personalties
♥ husbands who go out of their way to make their wives happy
♥ pastors who become close friends
♥ coffee

♥ a beautiful new teapot to remind me of this day
♥ jars of jam, made with love, sent back to savor on chilly winter mornings
♥ games of hide and seek after dark for the younger folk
♥ little boys following big boys
♥ big boys who never seem to mind

♥ parents who not only support their children's dreams, but come along for the ride

♥ seeing other couples who are clearly in love
new unions

♥ polite little children with adorable faces
♥ games and pie served around the coffee table

♥ two shy girls making fast friends

♥ girls who promise to keep in touch, even across the miles
♥ Him, who makes it all possible!

Count with us?

holy experience


Nadine said...

How wonderful to meet one of your blogging friends...what a blessing!


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I am crying now my sweet friend! Thanks for your precious words!

Much love....

Becky K. said...

So sweet!!! I am jealous but happy for all of you. I agree that you should come up our way. I'd love to meet you....

Becky K.

Rebecca said...

Looks so wonderful! I have never had the experience of meeting fellow bloggers, if I did-you would be on my list! So glad for this world opening up to us through a keyboard and friendships alongside.

Jackie said...

I happened to stumble upon your blog. I have SO enjoyed reading it this afternoon. I don't want to lose it, so I am following if you don't mind.
I also love earth colors. (I read your previous blogs...) What I did in my bedroom is paint all the furniture white, and I have white curtains. I change my room with the seasons. Just started doing it this year. Can't wait To spiff itt up in red and green this dec.

Mary Lou Casada said...

Sweet, sweet!! :-) It's such a mystery and a delight to see how God brings people together -- never accidentally! He's always up to something cool, and never more so than when we connect! Great recounting of the fellowship, and great gratitude list, Trace! (I especially love the "warm Autumn" that the season or the lovely daughter!? :-D) Makes me thankful we know you!
Mary Lou

Susan said...

Wonderful post.

Amanda said...

I have read of quite a few people in Blogland meeting up and visiting each other in real life... that is so lovely! I enjoyed your pictures and all your thankful points.

Anonymous said...

So when are you coming our way? I can't wait!

That was such a great post! We all had a great time at your home!

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