Monday, September 20, 2010

Fox Grapes

Sometimes the gifts we receive are right in front of us, easy to recognize and hard to miss. Other times, though, we have to look for them. It takes a little work to unearth them, harvest them, and claim them as our own. That doesn't mean they aren't gifts just the same.

The farmer plants the seeds, and harvests, but it's God who does the growing. It's His gift to us.

This week's list of things to be thankful for numbers from 56 to 75:

♥ a husband who melts my heart even after 21 years of marriage

♥ his warm embrace at the end of the day

♥ the fact that I get the "first kiss" when he returns home from work

♥ good communication between parents and children, even when the topics are difficult

♥ acrylic paintings of roosters and cherries done by young hands

♥ clean kitchens

♥ humble participants and humble winners at sports events

♥ a son who places everyone else in front of himself, and is happy to do it

♥ ice cream on hot days

♥ clean sheets hung out on the line

♥ scruffy little dogs who love kisses

♥ scruffy large dogs who love hugs

♥ a new job for a daughter that involves cuddling babies all the day long- TWINS!

♥ several new lives soon to be born

♥ cough drops to sooth sore throats

♥ the ability to spend the entire day in bed when not feeling well

♥ gardens, still producing

♥ my camera

♥ fox grapes- growing wild, hidden in the underbrush, free for the taking

♥ grape juice in the freezer, fresh from the field

What are you thankful for? Join us?

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Chelsey said...

Good communication between parent and child is priceless! Thanks for sharing your 1000 gifts!

sherry said...

lovely image
lovely post
lovely .. you.


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Wonderful post...such great things to be thankful for...

I am thankful today for Grace...

Bonnie said...

Beautiful thoughts to start my day!

Nadine said...

Wonderful Blessings!
The grapes look beautiful...what a treat!


Sarah said...

Counting along with you ... As always a joy to splash in thankfulness all around.


~~Deby said...

beautiful photos...and such a list...that I know would just keep would mine..this morning I especially thankful for a husband that works so hard for US....I am thankful for my washer that is going to get things caught up...thankful for the WORD of GOD that cuts right to the heart of the matter...oh my list is endless too...

Margo said...

You are so right about the gifts (first paragraph of your post). It reminds me of something I learned after I got married: that my husband loves me even if he can't read my mind, even if I tell him what I need from him. . .that is love.

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