Monday, June 21, 2010

Things I Love about Summer

♥ fresh squeezed lemonade
♥ fireflies
♥ spending hot days in the pool
♥ suppers made entirely from garden produce
♥ flip-flops
♥ bare feet
♥ long flowy skirts
♥ squirting people with the hose
♥ hummingbirds at the feeder
♥ fresh fruit pies
♥ making jam from fresh picked berries
♥ laundry hung out on the line

♥ and so... many more. What do you love about summer ?


shelia said...

I think I want to hang out at your house this summer!!!
You had me at the fresh produce...but the fresh pies put me wayyyyyyyyyyyy over the edge :)

Bonnie said...

All of the above, and how did the farmers market selling go?

Tori Leslie said...

sounds like heaven!

Jodi said...

lovely, lovely picture!

*long hours of sunlight
*early cool of dawn
*morning's and evening's symphony of bird calls
*warm tomatoes fresh from the garden
*the visual abundance of flowers
*the scent of a rose in the garden

(fun post ... once started it's hard to stop!)

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